Moj App Details

Hello ,Dear Creator’s ~
MOJ Hiring Creator’s For live Streaming!
Monthly Fixed payment ₹6000 to ₹12000 Ruppes
Girls & Boy’s Both Can Join
No Need Instagram Follower’s ( Anyone Can Join)
To qualify, creators will need to complete task:
♡ – 12 Live session in a month
♡ – 45 Minutes per day live on moj
( Payout will be made out by 15th of next month. )
( Contract period- 03 Month )

Joining steps :
1. Make a 3 minutes good Quality Audition Video and upload on Instagram or YouTube.
2. Click on APPLY NOW and Fill the form correctly with Audition Video Link.
3. Wait For results
4. Once your profile get selected, our team will contact you.