About Us

Rathore Media Entertainment Provides Live Hosting Platforms like: Video hosting, Audio hosting, Online Game hosting & Talent Event’s hosting. We have a highly experienced Team for different types of Application Promotion, Social Media Promotion, Influencer Promotion & Online Marketing SEO Promotion, etc. Therefore Rathore media  Provides a Genuine Casting Talented Platform for different types of Talent Artists/Seekers like actors, Dancer’s, Models, Singer, Rapper & Comedian, etc.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to encourage more individuals to follow their dreams by shrinking the perimeter of their search for new talented /talented hunters from the yellow pages to their fingertips.  With Rathoremedia.com one can easily upload their portfolios, auditions, recordings clips, audio & video clips, profiles pics and projects and broadcast themselves to the watchful eyes of the hunters in search for new talented artists.  We provide a premium platform to promote Talented Models to showcase their Unique Talent Artists to the Broadcast Media Entertainment Industry. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to revolutionize the whole casting process to an easy online site for a more cost-effective and impressive array of the most renowned brands in the world with an authentic digital talent hub to end their physical casting hassle in search of talents across the globe. While, Our vision is to become a one-stop platform to cater to all the requirements of the Media Entertainment Industry through maintaining a large database of national and international Professional Models, Photographers, Rappers, Comedians, Musicians, Designers & Exclusive Talented Artists.